Date: 9 June 1855
Recipient: Joseph Fenton
Book: Joseph Fenton letter-book, Gernsheim Collection, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, Austin

June 9th

Dear Joe –

I got your note yesterday & have just time before post to answer it[.] Agnew distresses himself for nothing[.] He is sure to make lots of money by the transactions even I could[.] As for sending him the negatives he does not know what he asks[.] They would be ruined in a fortnight in the hands of any body he could get to print them[.] Besides they are not all his[.] I shall sort start from here as soon as I can sell my things & get a passage

we have had awful fighting here the day before yesterday[.] The French took the Mamelon & lost so say the aide de camps at head quarters 4000 men[.] I have written the whole account to Grace [ – ] she will send copies but I have understated both their & our own loss in taking the quarries we lost it is now said 600 men[.] The prisoners we have taken say that they have lost 25,000 men it appears incredible 15,000 in the assault & the other 10,000 in the bombardment of the afternoon & of the morning before the assault took place[.] I cannot but think they have each exagerated their loss but still it must be something frightful for they were all drawn up behind the three points of attack in diverse columns to repulse the expected attack & the fire from our batteries was something such as the world never heard of

I dined or was to have to have [sic] dined with Corbett at ½ past 3 orders came for the 88h to be ready with 100 men for a forlorn hope[.] Major Baily to have Maynard second in comand & 2 subalterns [ – ] we had 5 officers of the 88h in the tent at the time Corbett was to command a reserve of 150 men & these were to attack the quarries in the front of the Redan [ – ] of these 5 officers 3 were killed Corbett, Wray, & Webb [ – ] E Maynard was shot throught he arm but is all right no bones broken hurt[.] In a short time perhaps tonight our men will assault the Redan & the French the Malakoff

I had a man killed at my side while looking on at the lookout near the mortar battery, shell & round shot were flying over & through us all the time but as we could see the guns that were firing at us & hear the gentle messengers coming we ran little risk

Your loving Brother –
Roger Fenton